Waku v2 Client Parameter Configuration Recommendations #

29/WAKU2-CONFIG describes the RECOMMENDED values to assign to configurable parameters for Waku v2 clients. Since Waku v2 is built on libp2p, most of the parameters and reasonable defaults are derived from there.

Waku v2 relay messaging is specified in 11/WAKU2-RELAY, a minor extension of the libp2p GossipSub protocol. GossipSub behaviour is controlled by a series of adjustable parameters. Waku v2 clients SHOULD configure these parameters to the recommended values below.

GossipSub v1.0 parameters #

GossipSub v1.0 parameters are defined in the corresponding libp2p specification. We repeat them here with RECOMMMENDED values for 11/WAKU2-RELAY implementations.

Parameter Purpose RECOMMENDED value
D The desired outbound degree of the network 6
D_low Lower bound for outbound degree 4
D_high Upper bound for outbound degree 12
D_lazy (Optional) the outbound degree for gossip emission D
heartbeat_interval Time between heartbeats 1 second
fanout_ttl Time-to-live for each topic’s fanout state 60 seconds
mcache_len Number of history windows in message cache 5
mcache_gossip Number of history windows to use when emitting gossip 3
seen_ttl Expiry time for cache of seen message ids 2 minutes

GossipSub v1.1 parameters #

GossipSub v1.1 extended GossipSub v1.0 and introduced several new parameters. We repeat the global parameters here with RECOMMMENDED values for 11/WAKU2-RELAY implementations.

Parameter Description RECOMMENDED value
PruneBackoff Time after pruning a mesh peer before we consider grafting them again. 1 minute
FloodPublish Whether to enable flood publishing true
GossipFactor % of peers to send gossip to, if we have more than D_lazy available 0.25
D_score Number of peers to retain by score when pruning from oversubscription D_low
D_out Number of outbound connections to keep in the mesh. D_low - 1

11/WAKU2-RELAY clients SHOULD implement a peer scoring mechanism with the parameter constraints as specified by libp2p.

Other configuration #

The following behavioural parameters are not specified by libp2p, but nevertheless describes constraints that 11/WAKU2-RELAY clients MAY choose to implement.

Parameter Description RECOMMENDED value
BackoffSlackTime Slack time to add to prune backoff before attempting to graft again 2 seconds
IWantPeerBudget Maximum number of IWANT messages to accept from a peer within a heartbeat 25
IHavePeerBudget Maximum number of IHAVE messages to accept from a peer within a heartbeat 10
IHaveMaxLength Maximum number of messages to include in an IHAVE message 5000

Copyright #

Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.

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