Waku v2 Tor Push #

Abstract #

This document extends the 11/WAKU2-RELAY, specifying Waku Tor Push, which allows nodes to push messages via Tor into the Waku relay network.

Waku Tor Push builds on 46/GOSSIPSUB-TOR-PUSH.

Protocol identifier: /vac/waku/relay/2.0.0

Note: Waku Tor Push does not have a dedicated protocol identifier. It uses the same identifier as Waku relay. This allows Waku relay nodes that are oblivious to Tor Push to process messages received via Tor Push.

Functional Operation #

In its current version, Waku Tor Push corresponds to 46/GOSSIPSUB-TOR-PUSH applied to 11/WAKU2-RELAY, instead of libp2p gossipsub.

Security/Privacy Considerations #


Copyright #

Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.

References #