Status Accounts #

Abstract #

This specification explains what a Status account is, and how it is created and used.

Background #

The core concept of an account in Status is a set of cryptographic keypairs. Namely, the combination of the following:

  1. a Waku chat identity keypair
  2. a set of cryptocurrency wallet keypairs

The Status node verifies or derives everything else associated with the contact from the above items, including:

  • Ethereum address (future verification, currently the same base keypair)
  • identicon
  • message signatures

Initial Key Generation #

Public/Private Keypairs #

  • An ECDSA (secp256k1 curve) public/private keypair MUST be generated via a BIP43 derived path from a BIP39 mnemonic seed phrase.
  • The default paths are defined as such:
    • Waku Chat Key (IK): m/43'/60'/1581'/0'/0 (post Multiaccount integration)
    • Status Wallet paths: m/44'/60'/0'/0/i starting at i=0
      • following BIP44
      • NOTE: this (i=0) is also the current (and only) path for Waku key before Multiaccount integration

Account Broadcasting #

  • A user is responsible for broadcasting certain information publicly so that others may contact them.

X3DH Prekey bundles #

  • Refer to 53/WAKU2-X3DH for details on the X3DH prekey bundle broadcasting, as well as regeneration.

Optional Account additions #

ENS Username #

  • A user MAY register a public username on the Ethereum Name System (ENS). This username is a user-chosen subdomain of the stateofus.eth ENS registration that maps to their Waku identity key (IK).

User Profile Picture #

  • An account MAY edit the IK generated identicon with a chosen picture. This picture will become part of the publicly broadcasted profile of the account.

Wire Format #

Below is the wire format for the account information that is broadcasted publicly. An Account is referred to as a Multiaccount in the wire format.

message MultiAccount {
  string name = 1; // name of the account
  int64 timestamp = 2; // timestamp of the message
  string identicon = 3; // base64 encoded identicon
  repeated ColorHash color_hash = 4; // color hash of the identicon
  int64 color_id = 5; // color id of the identicon
  string keycard_pairing = 6; // keycard pairing code
  string key_uid = 7; // unique identifier of the account
  repeated IdentityImage images = 8; // images associated with the account
  string customization_color = 9; // color of the identicon
  uint64 customization_color_clock = 10; // clock of the identicon color, to track updates

  message ColorHash {
    repeated int64 index = 1;

  message IdentityImage {
    string key_uid = 1; // unique identifier of the image
    string name = 2; // name of the image
    bytes payload = 3; // payload of the image
    int64 width = 4; // width of the image
    int64 height = 5; // height of the image
    int64 filesize = 6; // filesize of the image
    int64 resize_target = 7; // resize target of the image
    uint64 clock = 8; // clock of the image, to track updates

The above payload is broadcasted when 2 devices that belong to a user need to be paired.

Security Considerations #

Copyright #

Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.

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