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Protocol identifier: /vac/waku/lightpush/2.0.0-beta1

Motivation and Goals

Light nodes with short connection windows and limited bandwidth wish to publish messages into the Waku network. Additionally, there is sometimes a need for confirmation that a message has been received "by the network" (here, at least one node).

19/WAKU2-LIGHTPUSH is a request/response protocol for this.


syntax = "proto3";

message PushRequest {
string pubsub_topic = 1;
WakuMessage message = 2;

message PushResponse {
bool is_success = 1;
// Error messages, etc
string info = 2;

message PushRPC {
string request_id = 1;
PushRequest request = 2;
PushResponse response = 3;

Message Relaying

Nodes that respond to PushRequests MUST either relay the encapsulated message via 11/WAKU2-RELAY protocol on the specified pubsub_topic, or forward the PushRequest via 19/LIGHTPUSH on a WAKU2-DANDELION stem. If they are unable to do so for some reason, they SHOULD return an error code in PushResponse.

Security Considerations

Since this can introduce an amplification factor, it is RECOMMENDED for the node relaying to the rest of the network to take extra precautions. This can be done by rate limiting via 17/WAKU2-RLN-RELAY.

Note that the above is currently not fully implemented.

Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.